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What’s it take to get a little notice when you’re a Canadian poet?

Vancouver’s Elizabeth Bachinsky, Jennica Harper and Michael V. Smith found out!

Mid-May ’06, these lively, articulate poets set out on a 5 city tour through Ontario and into Quebec. Hope you caught them in either Toronto, Kingston, Cornwall, Ottawa or Montreal.

There were highlights: standing room only at a number of gigs, the Papeterie St Armand tour, three amazing days and nights in Montreal (need we say more?), after 6 days on the road a much-needed jacuzzi and sauna in Kingston's Radisson Hotel, a few amazing new poetry friends, and general highjinx (no, we aren't telling).

We hope we delivered what we promised: lust, sex, and longing, expressed with humour and a surprising candour. We tried to throw in a touch of class criticism, some progressive feminism, and a few references to high and low Art, though no audiences were harmed during the course of this tour.

Who are these guys that you saw and loved, or must have missed? Find out here.

Want to see some pics from their tour? Check this out.

And lastly, wanna see their reading at Zeke's Gallery in Mtl? Click here for Liz, Jennica, and Michael. Big kudos to Chris from Zeke's for hosting us AND doing a great recording.


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