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Carnal Nation: Brave New Sex Fictions

Fiction anthology, features "Gucci" by Michael V. Smith

When two men in a gay strip club witness a routine to rival all absurd fantasies, their relationship is compromised.

Edited by Carellin Brooks and Brett Josef Grubisic
October 2000
isbn 1551520834
Arsenal Pulp Press


Sex, once the great unspoken, is now regularly commodified and prepackaged for wide consumer consumption, on TV, in films, on billboards. In this context in which nothing is shocking - no boundary too sacred to cross - what does sex mean, particularly to those born under these conditions?

Carnal Nation is a collection of stories about sex by an exciting new generation of writers who boldly push the narrative envelope. These stories - written in a startling new language - bring fresh meaning to the term "polymorphously perverse."

The thirty-two contributors include some of the most provocative and interesting young writers working today. Carnal Nation is cunning, shocking, and brazenly cocky, an intoxicating anthology of writing about sex.

Reviews for Carnal Nations: Brave New Sex Fictions:

"Still, it's surprising that safe sex and AIDS are rarely mentioned except in the book's best story, "Gucci" by Michael V. Smith, which concerns two middle aged men-one gay, one (perhaps) bisexual-watching a male stripshow before cruising a local park. As the narrative unfolds, grotesque humour gives way to poignant revelation as the men's pasts and the implications of their relationship are revealed. "Gucci" is a graphic and well-written study of how sex can both wound and offer a tenuous solace to the wounded."

- Ron Forbes-Roberts, 'The Joy of Text'
Monday Magazine, November 2000

"These startlingly frank and sometimes raunchy stories . . . dispel any notion of polite reserve in young Canadian authors."

- Publishers Weekly

"The body fluids fly back and forth here . . . and the best sex, as always, arrives in surprising circumstances."

- The Globe & Mail


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