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Fiction anthology, features "Bea" by Michael V. Smith

An exerpt from Cumberland in which Ernest struggles with his desire for men, though he'd prefer to attach himself to Bea.

Edited by Brett Josef Grubisic
November 1998
isbn 1551520567
Arsenal Pulp Press

Buy this book online, or in Vancouver at:

Little Sister's Book & Art Emporium


contra/diction is a gay men's fiction anthology that represents the plurality of gay identity; an attempt to show that not all gay men "drive to Ikea, go to the gym, and buy new ties for their management-level positions before taking in the latest stage hit," as suggested in such well-known men's anthologies as the Men on Men series. Instead, the stories found in Contra/Diction are not easily digestible; their writers ask difficult questions of themselves and the world around them in a way which makes them truly "queer." The nightmare and paradise of sexuality, love, and community are viewed from different perspectives, along with issues of race, economics, violence, politics, and homophobia.

The 32 stories, by writers living in the U.S. and Canada, include dark fantasies about hustlers and one-night stands, and cautionary tales about murderers and dreamers. As might be expected, AIDS is a spectre that haunts many of these stories, represented in themes of anger, beauty, and bereavement. In addition, there are statements from the contributors, in which they write about their motivations and concerns as queer male writers at the cusp of the millennium.

Contra/Diction wishes to speak loudly from the margins, articulating a specific storytelling "queerness" that is politicized, sexualized, and without mercy.

Reviews for contra/diction:

"Sexy and dangerous - a brutally honest look at another side of gay life. Wherever you open it, you'll find a story that is fascinating and disturbing."

- Warren Dunford

"A powerful collection of virile short fiction by 32 gifted writers of unflinching conviction who carry the reader far beyond the stated premise of celebratory queerness and into the realm of genuine literature. There are stories of the brilliant darkness on the other side of mainstream gay culture, and the journey to that place - disturbing, erotic, dazzling - is swift and sure. It belongs in the library of every gay man who views the coming millenium with euphoria and courage."

- Michael Rowe, Writing Below the Belt



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