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Geeks, Misfits & Outlaws

Fiction anthology, features the Western Magazine Award-winning story "What We Wanted" by Michael V. Smith

A boy in a small town reveals the moments leading up to a fatal accident he witnessed.

Edited by Zoe Whittall
isbn 1894692071
McGilligan Books


Geeks, Misfits & Outlaws celebrates the eccentric in short fiction by an eclectic mix of provocative, humorous and outlaw writers. Toronto Book Award winner Camilla Gibb writes about an agoraphobic housewife in "House Contents", Jim Munroe brings us the future of teenage angst with the story "Marked", Lynn Crosbie and R.M. Vaughn collaborate on a poetic exploration of outsider-love. Featuring work by Marnie Woodrow, Mariko Tamaki, Michael V. Smith, Sky Gilbert, Stuart Ross, Michelle Tea, Taien Ng-Chan and many more.



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