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the love that dare not speak its name

Nonfiction anthology, features "Visibility" by Michael V. Smith

Michael V. discusses his practice as a sex and gender artist, arguing that gay men replace their homophobia with gender anxiety. Read it here.

Edited by Greg Wharton
June 2003
isbn 1894498070
Suspect Thoughts

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Little Sister's Book & Art Emporium


Reviews for The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name:

"It can't be said of many books that they ought to be twice as long as they are. Wharton's invitation_ only collection_ 13 essays sparkling with kaleidoscopic sexual honesty_ should be. There isn't a dull piece in the book. Emanuel Xavier's "Confessions" considers the lifelong impact of boyhood abuse; Matt Bernstein Sycamore's "Seals" tracks a love affair's melancholy arc; Michael Rowe's "My Life as a Girl"_ the riveting best of a very good lot explores gender with perfect poignancy. Serious, yes; never dull. Nor are Felice Picano's boisterously boastful "The Etiology and Lost Art of "The Quickie"," or Justin Chin's sweetly poetic "A Sea of Decaying Kisses," or Royston Tester's hilariously graphic "(very) Trying Monogamy." In "Why I'm," Andy Quan tells why he's attracted to redheads, muscles, white men, and not rimming; in "There is No Because," Marshall Moore tells why he's attracted to skin that's black and brown and "Asian porcelain-olive." That's eight diverse, thoughtful essays and there are, sadly, only five more, all as eclectic and smart. "

- Richard Labonte, Book Marks



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