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Quickies 3: Short short fiction on gay male desire

Fiction anthology, features "Beaver Foxes" by Michael V. Smith

Edited by James C. Johnstone
January 2003
isbn 155152144X
Arsenal Pulp Press


Quickies 3: The third installment of the bestselling international gay menŐs erotica series, consisting of stories of 1,000 words or less that articulate desire between men.

Previous books in the series have made bestseller lists, and feature many award-winning writers and anthologists among their contributors. Quickies 3 features 69+ stories by writers living in six countries around the world, including: Doug Ferguson, Shaun Levin, George K. Ilsley, Michael V. Smith, Sean Meriwether, Billy Cowan, Shaun Proulx, Ron Suresha, Michael Wilde, Matt Bernstein Sycamore, Bob Vickery, Simon Shepard, Daniel Collins, Sandip Roy, horehound stillpoint, Clayton Delery, Andy Quan, Trebor Healey, Robert Thomson, Shaun De Waal, and Daniel Curzon.



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