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Two Peanuts

Digital video, 2006

Director: Michael V. Smith
Writer/producer: Michael V. Smith
Photography: Michael V. Smith
Duration: 4:35

Screenings to date: Flicks International Flim Festival for Young People, Saskatoon SK 2008; Fairy Tales, Calgary AB, 2008; Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film, Durham ON, 2007; Three Dollar Bill Cinema, Seattle WA, 2007; Fairy Tales, 2007; Community Hero Awards, Vancouver BC, 2007; Out On Screen, Vancouver BC, 2006



quicktime [9.4mb]

Peanut the Dancing Clown is in search of a friend.
Will he find one?

Maybe, if Feist’s ‘Secret Heart’ works its magic...

Peanut the Dancing Clown searches a busy city street for a friend to join him in some fun. Equal parts documentary, music video, and performance art, the film has everyone asking: will Peanut be alone forever?

In a hybrid work, mixing documentary, streetside performance art, music video and DIY experimental video techniques, Michael V. Smith's clown character, Peanut, plays with expectations as much as his unwitting audience.

Stills from Two Peanuts:


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