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Wolf Lake

Super 8 film transfer to digital video, 2006

Director: Michael V. Smith
Writer: Elizabeth Bachinsky
Producer: Michael V. Smith
Cast: Amber Dawn
Duration: 4:15

Screenings to date: Screenings: Festival International de Film et Video de Creation, Beyrouth/Beirut, 2010; Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris France, 2008; Out on Screen, Vancouver BC 2008; Vancouver Intíl Film Festival, Vancouver BC, 2007; Lincoln Center New York Video Festival, New York City, 2007; Edges Festival, Victoria BC, 2007; Project8, Video In Studios, Vancouver BC, 2006



In a dramatized narrative written and told by Canadian poet Elizabeth Bachinsky, a young woman speaks of her ordeal at Wolf Lake. The Coast Mountains of British Columbia make a lush backdrop to her harrowing story of violence and betrayal. Wolf Lake is from Elizabeth Bachinsky's excellent collection Home of Sudden Service, Nightwood Editions, 2006.

Stills from Wolf Lake:


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